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Preschool classes for kids 18 months to 7 years old. New & exciting new dance program where your little angels will get confidence and dance2learn and twinkle like a little star!
Dance2Music invite you to join the Dance2Music Little Angel Star family...
Enrol your child and let them experience the joy of belonging to a  new program
* 18 months up to 3 years old - cherubim Angels Ballet ( dancing with you)
*3 years to 7 years old - Seraphim Angels Ballet

All students need to be registered and fees paid prior to the commencement  of a class ( approved & confirmed by Miss G via email) in order to attend a class
In order to keep your child safe in a class environment controlled, we do not allow a casual " drop in" in order to simply look at the classes/casually participate  in a class. Please communicate prior to be enrolled.  Thank you for your assistance and understanding.
Annual registration Fee -$50 ( non-re-fundable)
Includes insurance, administration and licensing for your classes
Dance2Little Angels lesson fees & payments
Fees are payable by term in advance
Invoices are issued via Internet banking (direct deposit) or PayPal
2018 Fees

Please refer to pay online page 


6:00PM-6:30PM Lil Starz Zumbatomic Beg/Int 4-7 years

6:00PM-6:45PM Cherubim Angels Ballet (DANCE WITH ME) Beginner 18month-3 years


6:00PM-6:45PM Cherubim Angels Ballet (DANCE WITH ME) Beginner 18month-3 years

9:00AM-9.45AM Seraphim Angels Ballet Beginner 3-7 years
9:45AM-10.15AM LITTLE ANGELS Jazz Beginner 3-7 years
10:15AM-10.45:00AM LITTLE ANGELS Tap Beginner 3-7 years
10:45AM-11:30AM LITTLE ANGELS Hiphop Beginner 3-7 years
01:00PM-02:00PM Cherubim Angels Ballet (Dance with me) 18month-3 years
09:00AM-9:45AM Cherubim Angels Bollywood (DANCE WITH ME) 18months-3 years

09:45AM-10:30AM Seraphim Angels Bollywood Beg/Int 3-7 years

Dance2Music reserves the right to adjust the timetable with notice at any stage, in regards to meeting required class numbers ( only if necessary)

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Term 3 enrolments for new students open on 20 June 2014
Term 3 starts on 14th July 2014

Why choose Dance2Little Angels program?
Dance develop the child to be confident in her young age, it need to be educational, fun & creative with supportive staff than can develop their own innovative minds, They are special angels who needs to be ready for their wings to fly to their journey of being the gift of life.
10 Reasons why start your little angels now at Dance2Little Angels Program:
1.) it is a program created for 18-7 years old, they have time to be the centre of the classes & focus their personal development & growth.
2.) the program is design to develop their creativity and innovation where they gain confident in music & dance.
3.) Give them experience to develop their five (5) senses of hearing, listening, see, smell, taste & feel things.
4.) they learn to interact with other children of their own age and learn the dynamics of group belongingness, early in their life they will learn to be a team player.
5,) they learn how to take turns, learn personal space & when it appropriate to hold hands in,  a partner dance,shapes with the classes formation & when to let go their hands to themselves in a routine.
6.) they learn the skills of movement, new steps, games & basic of dance.
7.) they will master the basic of counting since the teacher will ask then to count the steps.
8.) they learn the colours of the rainbow
9.) they will learn & improve their coordination as time goes on like left, right, fast slow etc...
10.) it increases their ability to remember as repeat of information is introduce in the class such as remembering their steps
ABOVE ALL PLENTY of FREE PARKING AROUND in convenient location

Give your child a smile of confidence & enjoy their journey of a "Star in the making"

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