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A 10 week plan to dance your way to a healthy body!


Over 63% of Australian adults are overweight or obese, but sometimes this creeps up on us over the years. We don't realise how much weight we've put on until we see it in a photo or in the mirror. You remember how it felt to have a toned tummy slender legs - but now you feel uncomfortable even in your own skin. Perhaps it was a comment, perhaps it was an occasion, perhaps your favourite jeans are now too tight, now is the time to do something about it.


"I lost 14kg in 2 months and 2 weeks with this fun mix of dance nutrition and a step-by-step plan to get healthier and my body transformed. I now have more vitality, energy and better health than ever before. Now I help other women experience the joy of having a toned healthy body! But losing weight does not have to be hard work. In our 10 week program, we dance our way to health - It's the most fun way to lose weight!" -Dance2Music Instructor



Dance your way to a new body!

Dance2Music invites you to join the Dance2Health Program family...

Dance2Health guide you with different movements of exercise from start up to shaping up where you improve your fitness and lifestyle adjustment.  You will be mentored to assist with your weight loss or as a post weight loss body shape up.  Zumba class per week (10weeks) is provided once a week for shaping up. In addition you have an option to take dance classes to supplement your goal setting on improving your weight loss and wellbeing.


Are you a person that ever felt in the middle of the day little weak and tired, little agitated and irritated, short fused, stiff neck & aching back. Are you the woman that is looking for improving your weight loss and wellbeing with proper guide to shape up your body like your butt, waist or just want more energy to be on the go then this is the program for you.  Well, what will you do about it?


This program is simple and will benefit you to loss weight and improve your wellbeing.


Dance2Music Australia offers this program with your commitment to attend one Zumba class per week and group sessions at our studio.  The most important thing is your commitment to do this program, most of the time it is your daily routine with your own time management and our mentoring of this program will ensure the effectiveness.  Your success is also our success so it is a team effort.

Enrol yourself and experience the joy of belonging and the confidant that you will experience in this new program

  • -16 years old to adults Zumba Fitness

  • -16 years old to adults Zumba Toning

All participants need to be registered and fees paid prior to the commencement of class  (approved & confirmed by Mama G via email) in order to attend class in order to keep you safe in a class environment controlled, we do not allow a casual “drop in” in this program. In order to simply look at the classes/casually participate in a class.  Please communicate prior to be enrolled.  Thank you for your assistance and understanding.


Annual registration Fee - $50 (non-refundable) includes administration and licensing for your classes.


Dance2Health fees and payments are payable by term in advance invoices are issued via Internet banking (direct deposit) or PayPal (pay online).


2016 Fees – Adults Only

Dance2Health Package - $929/includes kits & 1 free Zumba Fitness Classes/week (value from $160-175) plus free mentoring and coaching.


The package last for 10 weeks; after 10 weeks, it is vital that you continue with the program (extra cost) as having someone mentoring you will inspire you to reach you goal. Turn the key and jump start your body with this amazing starter bundle everthing you need to support your first 60 days is included you'll receive the following:


The kit includes: Shakes (3xChocolate, 2xVanilla flavours), 2xAll Plant Protein Powders, 2xFibre Blend Chewables, 1xPositrim Bars Variety Pack, 1xDaily 60's, 1xShaker, 1xBranded gym bag, 1xBMI measuring tape, 1xInbody fitness tracker(fitness watch), 1 Free Zumba Class per week for 10 weeks, 1xfree cooking healthy demo with Saladmaster healthy cooking cookware (healthy, quick and time savings) and mentoring/coaching. (Note: If you're doing this program you must weight yourself and have doctors check-up for your blood  scoring for cholesterol, sugar etc., so you can see the improvement of yourself).


Mentoring/coaching involves every day follow up of your daily journal activities and one group session per week to build community support with everyone.  At the end of the program there will be a fashion show (this will be explained when you signed for the program).


*Children/Teen Package available upon request depending on the situation.


Additional Classes that you may enrol in addition of free Zumba fitness class

30 minutes class x 10 week term = $170 for Hulabel

30 minutes class x10 week term = $170 for Bubble Butt

30 minutes class x 10 week term = $170 for Zumba Toning

45 minutes class x 10 week term = $185 for Stretching & Flexibility

45 minutes class x 10 week term = $185 for Beginner Yoga

and other Dance classes see Classes/timetable page

 ZUMBA UNIFORM & Zumba toning sticks can be ordered with Dance2Music Australia


Dance2Music reserves the right to adjust the timetable without notice at any stage, in regards to meeting required class numbers (only if necessary), check Facebook for daily updates and changes.


“You want to sweat this winter to have a sexy summer body”

Enrol now by downloading our application form below


Click here to reserve your spot at Dance2Health ENROL HERE


“Dance2Health” Frequently Ask Questions

  • Why should I have to join this program?

It’s fun and you will gain confidence with your new body because you integrate the exercise with Dance2Learn and it’s proven by thousands making you healthy and boost your wellbeing in gaining that confident of having a new you. This is a team approach your commitment is vital to train your body to accept lower weight set point. You learn to eat to lose and fire up your metabolism.

  • Do I really need a mentor or coach to lose weight?

Yes, mentor or coach inspires you to reach you goal.They are there to support you when feel that you needed someone. It’s a team approach.

  • Do I have to buy a diet plan for the program?

No, you just have a healthy shopping to do this program. You use real food in real portion.

  • Is the program a high-density exercise?

No, its your commitment that made the difference a combination of Dance2learn classes can support you in losing weight.

High-density exercise does provide you in losing weight but only if you do enough. If individuals advice you that 20 minutes of high intensity interval training or a treadmill or 40 minutes jogging on a treadmill, you have to think it twice before you commit.  This type of training is hard work and you need to do sufficient to see results. Not everyone is up for high-intensity interval type exercise on a regular basis. This type of training, which was studied in a recent trial, alternates high-speed sprints with lower speed rest intervals. For example the Circuit Fit program has and elements of high intensity.

  • What type of clothes should I wear?

You wear clothes that you are comfortable with during Dance2Learn.It’s your choice.If you want Zumba uniform you can order it from Dance2Music Australia.

  • How do I get involved with the program?

You pay the Dance2Health Package and you get, the package then you will have a one-on-one session to discuss important information about yourself.

  • What if I change my mind?

You have 7 days to really think if your committed after you enroll, this program requires you to be ready if your not ready your not ready.Dance2Music cannot help you if you are not motivated to do it so it’s really your decision to be healthy and boost your wellbeing.




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