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JOIN THE CULTURE OF DANCE  "INDIAN", "PHILIPPINE", "HAWAIIAN" combined to give your child knowledge & develop skills in exotic dance culture













“Witness your child a star of the making”

Give them the culture of dance

Culture of dance “Indian”, Philippine”, “Hawaii”, “Mediterranean” & “Latin” combined to give your child knowledge & develop skills in exotic dance culture.


This program also involved other countries cultural dances in the future, which will be introduced as the program progresses.


This is a new and exciting program involves infused modern music and movements but not limited to:


“Bollywood Sauve” – choreography of cultural dances based from India with a modern mixture of several regions of the country.  This is based of the Bollywood Film music called filmi music.  Bollywood does not exist like Hollywood.  It is a dance with imagination, realism of music that Hindi culture is mix to create a revitalizing routine.


“Filipino Sways” - choreography of cultural dances from Philippines infused with modern music to create a modern rhythm.

  • Tinikling is one of the dances from Visayas Region which involved bamboo poles arranged in a tic-tac-toe pattern in which the dancers dances the pole clashing poles

  • Singkil is a southern region of Mindanao showcasing the story of prince saving the princess caught in the forest.  This is also use bamboo poles form as “Hash” to create a sophisticated form to create historical imagination to the dance.

  • Banga is from Luzon region, which demonstrate the skills & strength of women bringing heavy clay pot with water.  This show technique on how to balance the heavy pot but of course if you’re a beginner you will start with one pot

Every dance has a story and had exotic essence to make you skilful.


“Hulabel Groove” – a choreography combination from the country of Hawaii and Mediterranean culture.  This composed of Hawaiian & belly dancing; “Hula” means the art of Hawaiian Hula, “Bel “is from Middle East dance called belly dancing. This is original choreography of Dance2Music. A cultural dance infused together to create a graceful movement of hips and graceful movement of arms.


“Latin Dance” – composed of various form of ballroom dance and folk dance such as Salsa, Cha-cha, Jive and Waltz.  This dance is introduced in Dance2Music for basic learning so the participate Danc2Learn the basic moves for you to be confident social requirements.


The Dance2Culture can be integrated with Dance2Health, Dance2Little Angels if you want to put extra hours for your exercise to shape your health and wellbeing.  Whether its you/your child motivation that can measures your desires and interest to Dance2Learn and explores the circle of dances around the world.  ENJOY and have fun…

Dance2Music invite you to join the Dance2Culture Program family...
Enrol yourself or your child and let your or them experience the joy of belonging and the confident that you or your child will experience in this new program



























All participants need to be register (student registration form) and fees paid prior to the commencement of class  (approved & confirmed by Miss G via email) in order to attend class in order to keep you or your child safe in a class environment controlled, we do not allow a casual “drop in” in order to simply look at the classes/casually participate in a class.  If you paying casual rate you must Pay Online prior to attending the classes and print your transaction to be hand-in to the teacher/reception. Please communicate prior to be enrolled.  Thank you for your assistance and understanding.


Annual registration Fee - $50 (non-refundable) includes insurance, administration and licensing for your classes.


Dance2Culture fees and payments are payable by term in advance invoices are issued via Internet banking (direct deposit) or PayPal (pay online).


2018 Fees

30 minutes class x 10 week term=$170

45 minutes class x 10 week term=$185

1 hour        class x 10 week term =$195


Check (Note: if you enrol for three consecutive terms the fourth term is free – “BUY THREE AND THE FOURTH ONE IS FREE” LIMITED OFFER ENDS ON JULY 16 2016”. Valid only for one the same student and conditions applies.

Dance2Music reserves the right to adjust the timetable without notice at any stage, in regards to meeting required class numbers (only if necessary), check Facebook for daily updates and changes.


Enrol now by downloading our registration form/application form below


Click here to reserve your spot at Dance2Health ENROL HERE


“Dance2Culture” Frequently Ask Questions

  • Why should I have to join this program?

Its informative program where the culture is infused with learning to create a choreography that your interest is enhance through exotic movement and essence.You will gain confidence and at the same time its good for your health & wellbeing. Dance2Learn the culture is new and exciting program where you felt you went around the world through dancing.Where can you find a place that offers this opportunity to dance and felt that you are one of famous dancer around the world and at the same time boost your body to new you.Embrace the culture of dance to experience the imaginary travel while dancing.


  • Do I need to enroll to three cultural?

No, if its inspire you to learn more culture dance then “Yes”.It’s really your choice.


  • Do I need to wear the costume when dancing during classes?

No, if you fancy doing it and attending the classes to add to your imagination you can.It will be compulsory thou to have costume when performing during concerts or special event.(Note: Extra expenses for costume applies if you want to perform).


  • What type of clothes should I wear?

You wear clothes that you are comfortable with during classes but your choice if you want to wear the national costume representing the classes but not necessary.It’s your choice. Dance2Music Australia has merchandise see


  • How do I get involved with the program?

You pay online and you bring your receipt when you come in on the first day of your classes. EASY.


  • What if I change my mind?

You have 7 days to really think if your committed after you enroll, this program requires you to be ready if your not ready your not ready.Dance2Music cannot help you if you are not motivated to do it so it’s really your decision to be involve and be healthy and boost your wellbeing.


So if your ready contact:

Dance2Music Australia Office on

02 98908757 or 0409993385/0417485884

Or email


Enroll now by downloading our application form below or

Click here to enroll online

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